Selasa, 27 Maret 2012


Class III malooclusion can be defined as a skeletal facial deformity characterized by a forward mandibular position with respect to the cranial base and or the maxilla. There are three main treatment options for skeletal class III malocclusion : growth modification, orthodontic camouflage and orthognathic surgery. This article presented a case of an adult patient with skeletal class III malocclusion treated with orthodontic camouflage treatment. A female patient, 21 year old with concave facial profile complaining for the difficulty of occlusion due to anterior crossbite and openbite. Case Management : Extraction of the poor conditioned mandibular first molars to gain space for anterior segment retraction, placement of lingual arch bar to prevent anchorage loss and class III intermaxillary elastics for dentoalveolar compensation by proclining maxillary incisor and retroclining mandibular incisors (orthodontic camouflage). Conclusion: The results of this treatment indicated that orthodontic camouflage can be considered an effective therapy for corection of skeletal class III malocclusion.

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Kenneth Barn mengatakan...

I was diagnosed with malocclusion recently, my dentist in Austin easily detected the cross bite that I have. I'm trying to research about the different types of malocclusion. I just got curios because of my situation. Thank you for sharing! I've learned a lot.